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D. York Design, a photography and design studio started in 2007, was founded on over 35 years of experience. While most of those years have been dedicated to artistic photography and development, in the last 8 years I have branched out to design books, posters, cards, CD covers, and other multi-media projects.


The PEOPLE and ROCK galleries show some examples of my event photography. I use a photojournalist style for anything from weddings to rock concerts. Clients comment on my ability to capture images others might have missed. Favorite pictures happen in the moment and because of that my primary goal is to get the shot without interfering with the festivities.


My portrait work is both in the studio and location photo shoots. My preference is location photography. For me, portrait photography is all about capturing the essence and personality of the subject. The best images (whether it’s child, pet or person) come from a relaxed subject in familiar surroundings.


In the design gallery you’ll find a number of my photo shop and illustrator designs. There are also before and after images demonstrating my photo restoration skills. I have used photo shop since I started designing with my photography, I can take any image and make it the best it can be.

My muse for some of my designs is my favorite alt emo punk band Saves The Day. I have done a number of projects for the band and my images of the band have been featured on their website. (“Saves The Day” and “Electric Lady Bug Studios” are copyrights of Saves the Day Inc. and are used with their permission.)

My second artistic love is stained glass and I’ve included three of my glass pieces in this gallery.


Most of the images on this website can be purchased as a numbered, signed fine art print. They are also available in hand made black walnut frames.


On average my fee is one hundred and twenty dollars per hour, with minimum of four hours for events and two hours for portrait work. If travel is involved there is an expenses fee. The cost of a fine art print is based on size and availability of the print. Contact me for more information on prices and services.


Contact me via email at dyorkdesign@comcast.net.

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