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This website was created in collaboration with the amazing crew at

For the past five years maintained my old website and helped me get started on line. Currently, I am working with and FastLine Media on my new website.

I get a lot of my information on photography and design from and Another good one is Some of my favorite software is the Photo suite 7 bundle at and illustrator by I get most of my photo and design hardware and software from the ever-dependable is one of the best on line communities of artists and designers around. Some of its’ members are the best I have seen on the internet.

Gary Quiring at talked me into going digital, which worked out well for my daughters who wanted their bathroom back.

Mick Needham at taught me about stain glass. Creating without sitting at a computer is always a plus. is the website of a high school friend who does wonderful things with glass.

If you ever make it to Hawaii check out On The Big Island they have a flight school at the Kona airport. An instructor will take you for a doors-off photo flight anywhere you want to go (weather permitting).

A special thanks to Chris Conley and Saves The Day at and Max Bemis of Say Anything ( inviting me to photograph them in the studio and on tour.

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